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Two VERY frisky 45s OUT NOW by STL groups Trauma Harness + Pineapple RnR. Posters, Shirts, Tapes, Distro 7"s and Plenty of other noise have just been added as well. Chime on



Test Presses Mixtapes OG Art + more in the store now to recover funds for 2 expensive plane tickets. I got denied entry to Europe on the way over for Warm Bodies tour. Apparently you have to have 3 months left on your passport to be let in to the continent at all, mine had less. It happened on a layover in Istanbul and I just had to fly back. I'm kicking myself, a phone call a few months ago could have saved me heaps of trouble

Coming soon: Trauma Harness 45, Pineapple RnR 45, Donkey Bugs lp, BB Eye/Janitor Scum East Coast Tour and more


2/27/18 Warm Bodies + Aquarium lps OUT NOW

After a long and quiet winter I am pleased to announce the release of two simmering albums by Warm Bodies and Aquarium. Real hot shit Get em while they're stinky. Also in the webstore is my new zine FUN AND SUFFERING, represses of The World, Horrendous New Wave, and Radiation Risks records from last year, some miscellaneous distro items, shirts, prints, buttons and more.


1/1/18 Well Well Well

Looks like L Rex has gone totally corporate. I have a smart phone now for kermit sake ! After the old store completely vanished I reckoned it was time for an upgrade. 


Hot Tasty Dingers 


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